Probate Lawyer Kings County Takes How Much Time?

Probate Lawyer Kings County Takes How Much Time?

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When a person dies, a person should present the estate of the deceased in the probate court. Probate is a court process to authenticate the will of the deceased. The main job involved in a probate process is locating the assets, paying off the debts and taxes, and transferring the remaining valuables to the beneficiaries. Many people think that if you make a will, then the probate process will be straightforward. In fact, probate processes are quite expensive and time-consuming. There is no guaranteed way of finding out how long a probate case can last. It could end in a few months or last for years. If you are currently stuck with a probate process, it would be best to hire a probate lawyer Kings county. 

Hire Probate Lawyer Kings County To Know What Happens In A Probate Process

The probate process is a legal court process wherein the executor of the will liquidates the decedent’s assets to pay off all the liabilities. Once all the debts are cleared, you need to transfer the remaining assets to the heirs legally. If any deceased person has a will, then the executor will need to submit it in the probate court.

During the probate process, the first thing the executor needs to do is to locate the will and submit it in the court. If you are named as an executor, you will be responsible for the probate process. If you do not know what happens in a probate process, it would be best to consult with a probate lawyer Kings county. 

Most of the probate cases do not go as smoothly as desired. As an executor of a will, you will face a lot of obstacles in your way. You will need the help of probate lawyer Kings country to help you deal with such situations. We will now look at the various problems that arise in a probate case.

Where Does The Executor Live

As we have already seen, the executor is the primary contact between the will and the probate court. Therefore, the executor’s place of residence plays an essential factor in the probate process. If the executor ends up living in a different state or country, it will prolong the probate process, as they might have to travel over and over for all court hearings. In such cases, it is best to hire a probate lawyer Kings county to represent you in the court.

Ask Probate Lawyer Kings County What Happens When Beneficiaries Agree Or Disagree

When handling an estate, the biggest problem arises when the beneficiaries disagree on the terms of what they receive. It becomes challenging to please every beneficiary, especially when there are multiple beneficiaries named in a single estate. Sometimes they even hire lawyers to counter the executor’s decisions. In such cases, the probate cases can last for months, and you will not be able to handle all the processes by yourself. Therefore, if you do not want to deal with such chaotic situations, hire probate lawyer Kings county.

Ask Probate Lawyer Kings County What Happens When There Are Many Debts

In the probate process, the deceased estate is used to pay off all the liabilities. The main reason why any probate process takes time is because of the many debts and liabilities. The state laws say that every creditor should be notified of the probate process. To do so, you have to keep the notification out for a few months. In New York City, the deadline for the creditors to apply for a claim can be seven to eight months.

As the number of creditors rises, the probate process will keep getting complicated. With every additional creditor, the executor will have first to verify if the creditor’s claim is valid. They will have to do this for all the creditor’s claims, as you don’t want to be paying false claims. This is what makes the whole procedure very difficult to handle. It would be best to hire probate lawyer Kings county, to assist you in verifying all claims.


As we have seen, the probate process can get very complicated very quickly. Due to such complications, the probate case can last for years. Therefore, you need to be sure to handle all situations correctly. If you do not know much about the probate process, it would be best to hire probate lawyer Kings county for all your probate needs. They have the expertise and experience to deal with all kinds of situations in the probate court.

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