Kings County Probate Attorney: What Are The Documents You Need To Provide To Your Attorney

Kings County Probate Attorney: What Are The Documents You Need To Provide To Your Attorney

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Probate case is a legal procedure that the court supervises to gather a deceased person asset and distribute them to creditors and inheritors. The probate process begins with determining whether a legalized will exists or not, followed by paying off debts, taxes, and funeral expenses from the estate itself. Lastly, if no claims are filed against the estate, the legal title is transferred to respective beneficiaries. Probate is needed, especially when the deceased person estate is of high value. This process may seem daunting and tiresome, hence it always advisable to contact a Kings county probate attorney.

Ask Kings County Probate Attorney What All Documents Are Required During Probate Process

Provide your Kings county probate attorney with all the necessary documents for any probate process, here is the list of all the documents needed.

  • Death Certificate: Obtaining a death certificate takes two to three weeks to arrive from the county. It is unnecessary to wait until the arrival of the death certificate to see a probate attorney, but a death certificate is needed to complete all the court formalities. 
  • Retirement statement: Usually, many of the benefits end upon death, but this is not always the case. It is imperative to carry along any information on benefits to the Kings county probate attorney appointment. 
  • Address book: Carry along the address book containing contact information on the decedent’s relatives. Even if relatives are not named in the will, it may be required to provide them with a notice.
  •  List of Assets: The Kings county probate attorney will have to update the court on all the decedent assets at the time of death. Detailed information regarding the assets will be of great help to the attorney.
  • The will: The will is a legal document; it explains the distribution of an estate by the executor as expressed by the wishes of the testator.
  • Deeds: It is a legal document with which property ownership is transferred from an old owner to a new owner.
  • Insurance policies: All such contracts need to be submitted so that the probate lawyer can help claim them.
  • Tax returns: A form used by the tax authorities to assess tax liabilities for a taxpayer makes an annual statement of income.
  • Court documents: Copies of documents provided by the probate court.
  • Trust documents: Living trust documents, if a living trust was present.
  • Financial statements: including bank account, account used for investments, planned retirement accounts.
  • Bill documents: bill copies which were owned by the deceased, including mortgage and loan statements, credit card statements. 

Taking the time and preparing for your meeting with the Kings county probate attorney will ensure a useful and productive interaction; procuring the right documents will enable the attorney to establish an accurate and complete understanding of the estate. This will enable the Kings county probate attorney to get to work immediately.

When To Hire A Kings County Probate Attorney

  • When a deceased party’s assets cannot be transferred outside probate: If the estate of the deceased was not appropriately planned, then a Kings county probate attorney is needed to help in the probate process.
  • If the estate is small: If the estate isn’t large enough, then a probate attorney is needed to help figure out how to pay off debts, such as medical bills, funeral costs, and taxes.
  • If the estate owes Federal Estate Taxes: Most estates are not required to pay federal estate taxes, as they are not large enough, but if they are a probate attorney will surely be able to help you out with that process.
  • Unhappy Family Members: If a family member contests the will and is ready to sue over the estate, speak to a Kings county probate attorney immediately. Lawsuits divide families and consume a lot of money from the estate; an attorney may help avoid a battle in court.

The reason a probate attorney is hired is to help you understand the probate process. Besides, a probate attorney can help you with asset protection and also the preparation and filing of the documents required during the probate process.

Dealing with the probate process

Coming to terms with the death of a loved one can be emotionally taxing, it may make the probate process seem very difficult to deal with. A Kings county probate attorney is always on call and ready to help out whenever required and will be with you every step of the way to guide you on all matters of probate. They have the expertise and experience to deal with all kinds of complicated situations.

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